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Harvested:All Year
Grows:Carisma is grown by some of the best potato farmers in Australia in regions such as the Riverland in South Australia, Lockyer Valley in Queensland and various regions
in Western Australia.
GI:53 (Average GI for other Australian potatoes is 77)
Membership:Only potato in Australia to carry the official low GI symbol
Availability:Only at Coles Supermarkets

Carisma is:

  • Naturally grown on some of Australia's best potato farms
  • Delicious, versatile and full of flavour with an exceptionally creamy taste,
    and unique 'melt in the mouth' texture
  • Easy to eat and easily matched with other high, medium and low GI foods
  • Low in fat
  • Low in GI, which means it delivers a slow, longer lasting rise in blood glucose
    for more sustained energy, keeping one feeling fuller for longer
  • Is excellent for boiling, roasting*, mashing* and in salads (*may raise GI value)

Coles Low Gi